Privacy in the bathroom?

mamalindaMay 24, 2011

So, when we were looking to get the old windows in our house replaced with double pane windows, my father offered to get us windows from an old friend who owns a window and door company. They were half the price of anything else we had seen, so we said yes.

But in ordering them, my father forgot to ask for opaque glass in the new bathroom window. And now he doesn't want to take it back to be redone because he doesn't want to bother his friend who made the windows on his own time...

So now what do we do? It's a big bathroom window and looks right into our neighbors' yard.

I was thinking of the Gila privacy film, but then I read that it can cause spontaneous breakage on double pane windows...

Does anyone have any ideas that would still allow us to have light in the bathroom?



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You could install a skylight.

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Call a local window tinting company that does a lot of House Tinting.

They have obscure tint that will work on double paned windows. We have done it a lot to new construction and for others who have forgotten to do that same thing.

Or you could order new sashes if its a Double Hung window.

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Have you considered shades for the bathroom? Bali Blinds offers "dual shades" where you can combine solar and/or roller shades for both light control and privacy. This would give the privacy you need without making the room so dark that it's like a crypt. Top it with a pretty valence. Bali has a great website with a free mobile app for selecting swatches, a "My Decorator" tool that lets your select your wall color, floor color, furniture color, etc. with the swatch that you are considering.

If you are of my "vintage" you remember the roller shades in the public schools. These are a whole different animal. Don't be afraid of the roller shades. Check them out at

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