copper and glass

oldcraftyAugust 19, 2010

Several years before my Dad died I started collecting pennies, one for each year of his life. Being I had to start with 1914 it took me a while to find some of those years as those don't just show up in your change anymore! My Dad had a thing for pennies which inspired me to start the collection. The night before his funeral my brothers and I decided to glue them to the back side of the glass of a picture frame and to have them surround his picture in the middle, oh I might add I managed to find a picture frame that was so unique and so perfect, the back side was also glass, making it a "see-thru" frame. The pennies were glued to the back glass so the glue wouldn't show. We picked up whatever glue was in the house, it worked for the service but within a couple of months the glue started turning loose. I now want to re-do it but am hoping to find out what glue should be used to hold copper to glass, and I figured someone on this forum might be able to give me a suggestion.

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What a sweet tribute to your DAD! I use GE Marine silicone adhesive, but there may be something else out on the market, I know that on the Garden Junk forum, someone has posted a site called "Glue this to that"....hope this helps and hope you post a pic!

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If it is always going to be inside then Mac Glue dries VERY clear and strong. Weldbond is also clear I'm told.

What a wonderful idea.

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How about a picture of that project? I would love to see it. Great tribute!

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