Sliding Glass Door - Shattered

lnprasumiMay 14, 2006

We have a sliding glass door in our walk-out basement. The outer glass panel of the non-sliding section is shattered. The door faces the commons area of the sub-division.

I am guessing, when the commons area was mowed, a stone might have been thrown out of the lawn mower and shattered the glass panel.

Can the damaged outer glass panel alone be replaced or should the entire left side of the sliding door be replaced?

Thanks in advance!

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You don't want to replace just the outside piece of glass, since the two pieces of glass are sealed together to keep from fogging in between. You should be able to replace the stationary panel only. It just depends on the manufacturer, you should at least be able to get it reglazed with new insulated glass.

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I agree. You'll need to have the panel either reglazed, or replaced.
I'd talk to whomever mows the lawn, too. Chances are they'll deny it, but it's worth a shot. That repair won't be cheap. The glass will need to be tempered, because it's in a door.

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I called a local glass replacement company and they told me that the left side needs to be replaced as a whole. I asked for the price over the phone and they said it would cost me $400 for the least expensive type of glass. Is this resonable?

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When you say replaced as a whole, are you referring to the whole panel, or just the glass? A complete door panel with glass can get pretty expensive, so $400 isn't bad at all. Glass only can easily get up there, especially if they are quoting you LowE tempered insulated glass.
If you can identify the manufacturer, you could try contacting them for replacement costs.
If the $400 quote included labor to remove and replace, it sounds like a pretty reasonable price.

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The glass company quoted $350 for tempered glass and $420 for LowE insulated glass. Does not include the door panel. Just the glass replacement. The quote includes labor for removing and replacing the glass.

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Whatever they put in MUST be tempered. It's required by code all over the country. The $350 must be for regular double pane tempered, and the $420 LowE tempered.
Get a couple other quotes, so you can compare. This way you'll be sure to get a fair price.

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Hi there. I just mowed my lawn and a rock ricochet and shattered the left side of my sliding glass door. It is the outer glass of the left stationary side, just like yours. I am curious who you went through and what type of glass did you choose.

Thank you!

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I have the same problem with my sliding door which is an older type door and was wondering if you can pass the name of the company that you went through to get the glass replaced.

Thank you

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Find a local glazing company, they can replace the glass for you right at your house.

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+1 to millworkman's suggestion.

Glass Doctor is probably the largest chain of commercial glazing companies but there are usually just as many local outfits than can do the same thing.

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Looking for a cotaition for the sliding door glass legnth 9.0 and width is 2.6

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