HELP - triple track storm windows over Jeld-Wen???

mdlnMay 29, 2014

Is it worth putting triple track storm windows over new Jeld-Wen windows???

Yes, I realize Jeld-Wen was not a good choice. Too late, they are already installed.

This is a fire restoration and insurance company will pay to replace the triple track storm windows. Is it worth doing this?

Thank you!

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If they are jeld-wen clad wood windows, then yes it is absolutely worth putting the storms on, especially if the insurance company is paying for them.

If they are jeld-wen vinyl windows then there could be questions about possibility of heat build up between the windows and the storms.

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Thank you oberon.

They are vinyl....

Have read about the potential heat build up issue, just not sure how significant of a risk it is.

Am in the Chicago area, and we have much more cold than heat. It seems summer lasts 2 months, at best. We had snow 2 weeks ago - in the middle of May!

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As long as you leave the storm open in the summer, you should be fine.

That being said, I have seen plenty of triple track storms that seal more tightly than the interior window they are married to and what that results in is trapped humidity and a bunch of icing on that outer storm.

Not a good look.

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Take the money and wait and see how the jeld-Wens perform . The storm window will not be able to removed from the inside with a vinyl window, you'd have to remove the storm window completely to clean the glass.

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@windowswashington - thanks for pointing out that keeping them open will decrease the risk. While obvious, I'd not thought of that. THANK YOU!

@toddinmn - cannot "take the money." Need to either get them installed now or lose the opportunity for the insurance company to pay for their replacement. They will only pay - if they see them actually installed.

The Jeld-Wen are double hung, so I can flip them inward to clean.

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I meant to clean the outside of the storms from the inside.
Usually a vinyl extrusions are to wide to allow the storm sashes to be removed from the inside. The finger pulls can also be hard to get to.

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thanks toddinmn for the clarification.

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Good Catch Todd!

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