Need Help Choosing Between Gorell 5300 or Hawthorne Alliance??

dave68May 18, 2012

I need some help in trying to decide between two replacement windows companies. I am replacing 11 double - hung windows and 1 picture window. My 2 choices that I am heavily deciding on are Gorell 5300 or Midway Hawthorne Alliance. They both have the color combinations that I am looking for. I am just trying to decide upon which one will give me the better service and quality? Thanks for you the input.

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hands down, the Gorell is a much better constructed window. there is no comparison here.

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I think you will find a higher opinion held of the Gorell 5300 by most window professionals.

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I was leaning more towards the Gorell 5300 myself, but I was just want to make sure. As for Gorell, how is there customer service on warranty issues? After all, this is a once in a life time deal and I want to make sure I get it right. Thanks for the help.

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On Gorell: the 5300 is a nice window but there are revisions set to roll out very soon that will improve it and take it a notch up in performance.
On customer service, that has always been one of Gorell's strong points. That being said, since they've been purchased by Softlite, the "Gorell team" as it has existed will be gone. They've kept some staff, but the product and operations will now be run by Softlite, so that area remains to be seen.
Where are you located? You might take a look at HiMark, Softlite, Sunrise, or Okna as well if they are available in your area.
Bottom line: if you are set on Gorell, wait for the product updates.

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How long will it be till these product updates take place? I live in Chicago and this is something that I'm looking to get done soon. So if I were to order these, say within the next two weeks then where does this stand? Will I have a problem with the warranty service? Thanks.

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Softlite is honor Gorell's warranty in full going forward, and going back to February. There may be some limitations prior to that depending upon dealer. On the updates, I don't believe that they will be available within a few weeks. If you are in Chicago, you have Softlite, HiMark, Sunrise, and Okna all available as well, which is just about every elite vinyl window choice. I recommend talking to Strong windows if you are still interested in shopping a little bit.

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Dave at Strong Windows does have the best of the best in Chicago.

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