Have windows improved that much?

belkatMay 15, 2012

My house was built in the early 90's. It has double pane windows with a metal frame. My heating and cooling bills are reasonable..at least for north Texas anyway. So improving energy efficiency isn't a major concern, however blocking outside highway noise is. I've been told that just changing my windows to new vinyl windows will be a major improvement. I had cheap vinyl windows in my last home and could still hear

outside sounds like the pool filter and birds chirping. Those sounds weren't a problem but make me wonder how much sound really would be blocked by today's windows. I'd appreciate any guidance. Thank you!

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For a major improvement in noise transmission, the glass make up would probably help more than the type of window. Most on here would suggest using one the quality brands of windows but more importantly using a laminated glass and different thickness glass inboard and ouboard. There are people on here with more knowledge on glass than I and I am certain you will here from them on this as well.

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The difference in sound performance is going to be a result of offset glazing or laminated glass and not the shift in frame materials.

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