Old Sconce WIP

texasfernAugust 9, 2009

I have two of these to kinda match the last two mirrors I have made.

Hopefully I will get at least one done today.

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Oh Tex gonna be gorgeous!!! Will look great with the mirror....very very nice girl

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very pretty

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Oh, the orange TG against the green and blue is really pretty! Did you paint the TG?

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Looking good !!!!

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Yes Daisy I did paint it.
I laid the shower door out on the patio, painted large stripes of color, wrapped it up and whacked it!
Keeping the colors separate as I picked them up was the fun part.
I didn't work on it at all yesterday, hoping to get to it today.

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How pretty. You continue to use jewel tones, which I love. The way you put colors together warms my heart. Wish I could do that. I'm still saving bottle caps, and one of these days I'll get back to inside mosaics, and w/make a wall plaque using your technique. Oh, I remember - I have a gothic-shaped mirror frame hanging in the garage, and that's what I'll use them on. Good grief - I now have yet another idea rolling around in my head, and I can't afford it timewise. Thanks for the inspiration, TEX.

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