Window washers razor scratched my dual pane windows

katsMay 28, 2008

Hope this makes sense. I'm not sure of some of the technical jargon.

I have a lot of HURD dual pane 9 lite marginal windows and French doors in my new home. When we first moved here I had our windows cleaned to remove all the gunk that comes from a new build. I was careful to not allow the cleaning company to use razor blades on the windows. In fact, the HURD rep was here that day and showed the cleaners how to remove the rubber caulking (silica?) along the glass/frame edge without scraping the glass itself.

Today I had the windows cleaned a second time by another cleaning company. I didn't even think a razor would be needed (or used) so never told the cleaner not to do so. But he did and on several windows I now have multiple razor scratches. When the owner of the cleaning company called he said the scratches are a result of HURD placing the window panes in backwards. He said glass has a rough side and a smooth side and the smooth side repels scratches. If the rough side is placed out dust particles can adhere to the glass and cause friction for the razor. He said HURD placed the rough side out on some of my windows. Had the smooth side been placed out correctly the razor wouldn't have scratched the glass. Then he said if I want it repaired I will need to go back to HURD since it's their fault for not building the windows correctly.

I've never heard of anything like this. Does anyone have any knowledge of this?

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I'm guessing he's trying to BS you by claiming Hurd somehow put the Low E coated side of the glass on the outside. Contact your Hurd Rep, ask them to come out and inspect the windows, get a written opinion and an estimate to replace the glass and then send it to the cleaning company with a demand they respond within 5 days. Might be nice if the Hurd Rep. would call the cleaning company too.

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Thanks skydawggy,

That's a good idea to contact HURD. I thought it was a line of BS too, that's why I asked the question here. The scratches aren't to bad now but who knows with time if they'll be more noticable. When I showed them to DH he said it's that principle thing. We just don't like being lied to.

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