Window Stains

deanlowMay 14, 2013

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone on this board knew what this was on my rear windows. One of my neighbors said it might be a bad tint on my windows. Any suggestions on how to remove these stains would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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looks like a failed seal or improperly assembled IGU. That wont clean off.

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Bad low-e or failed seal.

This cannot be cleaned and will require replacement.

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Unfortunately, that kind of stain will be impossible to clean off. YouâÂÂll have to replace it. You can protect the glass on your windows by frosting them. If you donâÂÂt want to go all the way with window frosting, you can have them partially frosted. You wonâÂÂt need to use blinds anymore.

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Its a seal failure, you need a new window. What brand of windows are they?

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patrick, how is frosting the windows providing protection?

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