some window advice?

NoCal1995May 28, 2014

Hi everyone, I just closed on the purchase of a house in Sacramento area. It was built 20 years ago and the original windows were Weatherguard wood windows.

The house is adobe style - stucco walls without eaves on some of the walls so the windows get a fair amount of weather during Northern Calif winters.

The current windows have a lot of damage as they weren't properly maintained. We plan to replace all of them. Some questions that I am hoping to get input on:

I am not planning on using Weatherguard again after reading these boards given concern about quality. After asking around I was recommended to use Marvin, Eagle or Pella - seems like Pella gets a lot of negative reviews as well - so am thinking Marvin and Eagle. Do you agree? Any other suggestions?

Several people recommended I go with aluminum clad windows (exterior) rather than wood to significantly reduce the maintenance. However, the wood exterior looks great with the adobe / stucco style of the house so I wanted to check if the board agrees on this.

I also want the new windows to have significant UV protection to protect furniture etc from fading.

Any comments or input greatly appreciated! What else should I be thinking about??

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Un-clad wood is certainly a recipe for maintenance.

If that is the route that you are looking, I would look at a fiberglass-wood hybrid.

Best of both worlds and looks wood'ish on the outside.

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