pool heater and gfci

azhomeownerJanuary 31, 2010

We had a pool heater installed a few years ago and we just noticed that it is not on a gfci circuit. Similarly, the pool is not on a gfci circuit. Both "appliances" are located more than 10 feet from the pool. The pool lights (which are much lower amps) are on gfci. All three are hard wired. Could anyone confirm that it is OK to not have gfci on the pool and the pool heater? Thanks so much for your help.

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Ron Natalie

I recommend that you have an electrician who is familiar with pools come in and take a look at things. There are lots of real specialized things for pools. GFCI issues are only part of it.

By the "pool" I assume you mean the filtration pump? The pump motor if 15/20A (either 120 or 240) needs a GFCI. (this was new in NEC2008). Otherwise, a GFCI is required only if the manufacturer specs that as a requirement. Both my heater and circulating pump do.

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