Mirrored obelisk....design ideas (6 pics)

taigen_gwAugust 30, 2009

First of all....I HATE STORMS!! Our basement is flooded and we are on a waiting list for the inusrance company!! This happened last year with Hannah!

I spent yesterday drawing out various ideas, here's the results. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the ideas.

Number 1... plain mirror. I am not sure if the large center piece would crack though. Our temps can get as low as -25C in the winter? Any thoughts on this?

Number 2...larger pieces of broken mirror, I think about the size of my hand or so. This one has various green glass and dragonflies. I'll show you the dragonfly at the end.

Number 3...okay now getting right into this whole pond/garden thing. again larger pieces of broken mirror. My concern here is that the lower section of this may be hidden by plants etc. where I plan on putting it.

Number 4...large broken mirror all over with some dragonflies here and there. I could even do the dragonfly with the wings sticking out for a more dimensional aspect?

Dragonfly....I have about 20+ of these guys left over from another project. Most are already soldered together but could easily be taken apart or as I said used as is to add dimension.

Single one not foiled

Foiled and soldered ones

So....what are your thoughts?

I am going to try spraying some of scrap coloured glass with mirror paint to see how that looks and if is keeps the glass "light" looking. Do you have any other ideas for that?

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I hate storms too...the last one (electrical) has made my computer have fits.....grrrrr.
I love number two and number three. Your photo with the form shows a "cottage kind of garden" as opposed to something more formal so I like the more whimsical design. The original photo seemed more like a formal French or Italian garden so it fit better. Just my opinion, actually I am anxious to see it installed now that I have seen your drawings. Very pretty...makes me wish I had a place to put one. :)

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I would like No. 4 the best. It will be gorgeous no matter which one you choose.

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I like No. 3 best. Even if the lower part is covered by plants, you would still see it when the plants are dormant, right?

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i like 2 and 3, but how about if you bring the picture up more so the water comes to top of bottom part,, if that makes sense..that way even if covered in the garden more of it will show.

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My garden is very whimsical, not at all formal. Here are some pictures from the end of July

The gardens

The area where the obelisk will go is centered in this garden.

The lower larger pond with fish

The upper pond with a stream and little "waterhouse" I made that feeds into the lower larger pond you just saw.

Thanks for all the input...any thoughts about the larger pieces of glass, will they be too large and break do you think? Also about spraying the coloured glass, do any of you do that when using it in mosaics?

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i dont know about spraying, but they do have the silver or gold tape you can place behind the glass to give it the mirrored effect. i used that on a mosaic i did,, it worked great. by the way,, i love the loch ness monster or snake in the yard.

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I like 2,3,4...which ever one U decide will be beautiful!! And Ur dragonflies are great!! Maybe a Bee or 2 would be cute.....can't wait to see this progress. What are U using as the substrate????

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I love all of the designs. This is going to be truly special! Oh, and how I LOVE your gardens! So beautiful!

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#3!!! Is my Vote...LOVE your ponds and garden!!! Lovely!!! I would suggest def the breaking up of the mirror when you do do this, I wouldn't trust a large pc of mirror!

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May I come live in your garden? I will bring my own sleeping bag and small unobstrusive tent . . .

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I love your garden !! No 2 or 3 .Just make shure you keep your mirr close to gethet.It will be great can't wait to see what you do!!

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My thots are #3 then #2. #2 would be good to use with colored glass or colored glass globs thru out the bottom instead of clear. I also agree with Calamity, break up your mirror. If it is already broken and grouted it will be beutiful. If you use one solid piece and it breaks, it will break your heart.


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# It is just whimsical enough but will retain the concept of the inspiration one. I like the marbles for the top. Great idea for that. I am like you now, I can't wait to see it finished. Wow, love your ponds and yard. So much to see so little time. You have done a beautiful job on them and all the beds look so cool.

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Hey Taigen, Your garden is Gorgeous. Wow!!! I was just thinking...(my DH always says that can be dangerous LOL) anyway after working 2 projects now with large mirrored portions I was thinking you might want to add more colored glass and less mirror. The reason I say this is that mirror ( that much anyway ) is going to be really bright in the sun!! Blinding I would think. I just walked outside w/my recent sign and the sun hit the mirror and wow!!! On a bright day yur garden w/be lit up like a lighthouse...just a thought....the mirror is so pretty and adds so much to a mosiac.....Just not sure how this amount will be....anyway that was my thought for the day...later

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Lovely garden! I'm partial to design #3. But, as has already been said, whichever you decide to go with will be beautiful!

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Hi - haven't posted on this forum before (usually over at garden junk) but lurk often! Your gardens are stunning and your ponds are amazing!! I like your design ideas 2 & 3, although 4 is striking because your lovely dragonflies would be showcased! Can't wait to see the finished piece...


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oh my gosh. your garden is such a whimsical wonderland, perfect for fairy sightings and other wee people. LOL

It's hard to say , I like three and four and then one might be good too. so i'm no help. The pond with the lilies etc are great. We had some beauties like yours where we used to live, and in one night a stupid snapping turtle gulped up all of the flowers I usually love wildlife but hey this one pushed my wrong button. LOL

Can't wait to see this unfold.

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#4 Ditto on showcasing the dragonflys. Any extra dragons fly them my way. LOL

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Well sorry I haven't replied sooner we have been busy with the basement and insurance people. Unfortunately we will be undergoing some restorations over the next while. They will be coming soon to move things around.
Looks like my artroom will be taken up with other furniture for a time so I won't get to start this as soon as I had hoped. I did give it another coat of treatment yesterday and now it will stay in the barn till we have room in the artoom :(
Thank you all for all the lovely comments on the ponds & gardens, they are a real sense of enjoyment and peace for me.
I have contacted the local glass company and they are saving me broken mirror. I think it will turn out to be a combination of the designs to be honest. I like various parts of them all and I guess once I start it, it will just "happen"
I did want to ask...should I put a "slurry coat" of thinset on now to give it tooth before I actually start putting pieces on it?
Hubby and I have been mulling over ideas of securing it but have not come up with an answer yet LOL
((( THANKS))) to all...I really do appreciate all your comments and insight...I know I will have lots of questions as I get into this. Please feel free to advise me as I have never done this before...the little waterhouse at the stream is the first time I ever tackled something like mosaics.

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It will be beautiful for sure. What is your substrate? I would use cement board if I were doing it. Love your dragonflies too...

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GULP! Speechless!!!!!!!!!!

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