electric kiln and gfi

azhomeownerJanuary 31, 2010

Hello - If we are locating a kiln outdoors on a dedicated 60 amp circuit (with a 6-50R recepticle), do we need a gfci circuit breaker to be up to code? Would it be best even if code does not require it? Would the gfci interfere with the firing cycle? Thanks so much for your help.

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6-50 is only a 50 amp receptacle, but no GFCI would be required for a kiln unless the installation instructions require one.

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Ron Natalie

Brick is correct. To answer your additional questions, yeah I'd put one in. You can easily get a "spa pack" at most home centers and electrical supply stores that contain a 50 or 60A GFCI breaker inside it.

Kilns are largely resistive, so I can't imagine that they would get any nuisance tripping of a GFCI.

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