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OaktownAugust 11, 2014

I've enjoyed looking at the older houses folks have posted. Thought some of you might get a kick out of seeing the house for sale in the attached link. It was built in the 1940s and for many years belonged to the inventor of the computer mouse. Some of the staging is a bit off, kitchen could use an update, but I think the house itself is lovely.

Here is a link that might be useful: contemporary house, current today?

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Very lovely, I agree. Looks well cared-for and clean. Yes, could probably use a few updates, by today's standards, but overall, based on the photos, looks great.

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It's beautiful, and cohesive throughout. The only thing I would change is the suspended ceilings which are probably later additions.

(If I had to do something to the kitchen or baths because of mechanical conditions, I would try to replicate the feel as much as possible).

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1940's? Wow- that must have stood out a mile in those years. What a gorgeous house. I love it (if I were to nit pick, may not the dark brown tiles and the multi coloured bath tiles) but those tiny things aside - beautiful.

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palimpsest, I think the kitchen mechanicals still work, but I don't think the layout is optimal. Not much clearance around the cooktop, hood is very low and the aisle into the kitchen is kind of tight -- I felt it was cramped and I am a small person.

One of the neatest features of the house (to me) is that it has the original sliding/stacking doors opening up from what is labeled as "Guest Suite Great Room" on the floorplan to the pool area. Don't know what it would take to get those doors working properly again. Unfortunately they don't include any photos of this in the listing, perhaps because the pool is not in great shape.

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Love it! From the first picture I knew I could lust after that house. The kitchen is the only thing that didn't seem right, like maybe it had a cheap update in the last few years?

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Ooh, I'd live there in a minute! That kitchen looks all wrong with the house though. Personally I'd change that first, but I could live with the rest of the "imperfections" for a long time. I'd try to let those tiles win me over.

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I think I missed looking at the rest of the kitchen because I saw the dropped ceiling and the Chambers (one bad thing and one good thing).

Yeah the cabinets aren't so great either. But if that's a travertine floor I would have to try to rework the layout and save that.

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LOVE it!!! LOVE the gardens and the patio/decking .....

AND the front door is the BEST! :)

Yes -- remove the dropped ceilings and update the kitchens and baths ....

I really like the pattern design of the tiles in the bathroom bath/shower .... (not the floor) ..... interesting layout of tiles ..... reminds me of some famous artist's work but I can't think of which one .....??? I would replicate that layout for a new bathroom .....

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cyn427 (zone 7)

What they said! ;)

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Love the wall tiles in the bathroom. Hate the dining room chairs. To hell with my house, I'm ready to move.

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Sold!!! Love it. Can even live with the kitchen.

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I really like the floors, the openness. I love white kitchens but not these cabinets. Hate the fuzzy dining room chairs. Other than that, if I had 4 mio, I'd move there in a second....

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Holly- Kay

I love it! that is truly an outstanding and lovely home and what a glorious setting!

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Great house! It's unique! I would update the kitchen and get rid of the ceilng tiles. I really like the tiled wall in the one bath. Awesome home.

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I'm in love! Not deeply, madly, but in love enough to sustain a relationship for years to come.

I agree with others about the ceilings, but this is a terrific example of a 'timeless' house with a consistent design throughout. And I love that it's from the 40's!

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Elraes Miller

The kitchen looks like a cheap update of painted cabinets and adding inexpensive tile/trim. Given the price of the home, I wonder why they did this. It definitely needs a retake to marry into the style.

I could live with the bath tiles.

The rest of the home is wonderful. I'd need to invent something of great value to get there.

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That is a great house. It indeed has aged well.

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technicolor, this is the second cheapest listing in that town, which is very expensive. Unfortunately the price is mostly land value. I hope the buyer of that house decides to keep it. I admit wanting to share the photos because there is a chance it will not be there in a year.

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That is gorgeous! I could live there in a minute (if only I had $4 million). Agree that kitchen cabinets don't really fit, but wow - what a house!

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Wow, the front doors are amazing!

I agree with everyone else. Re-do the kitchen to bring it in line with the rest of the house, maybe tweak the baths.

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