making grout color samples

concretenprimrosesAugust 6, 2011

I got some tints-all in light yellow, medium green, and red.

I'd like to do samples in white, tan, and gray grout.

Any suggestions how to do this so I can keep them to refer to?

I was thinking my little tiki head ice cube tray, but that almost seems too big. Could I stick dabs on a white plate, do you think it would stick? Or I could make the tiki heads and stick them on a white plate and label. But then I couldn't hold it up to my piece to see how it looked up close. I suppose I could label the backs of the tiki heads somehow.

what do you-all do?



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I just received a tile sample board and they used a foam core board to adhere the tiles to. It's quite sturdy and supports them well. Perhaps you could use that and just put dollops of the different grouts down. I think it would work great and they're readily available. HTH ~Marcia

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