Selling SG

katishookedAugust 19, 2012

Hi all. I haven't been on GW for months. Personnal situations have been prioty. After long arguements with myself, I have decided to sell my SG. I considered CL, but wanted to give the artists that I have followed and who have inspired me, the chance to buy what I have. It may take me a while to get sorted and a list together, but will check back when I do. I have SG, mirror, van gogh, vitrous, millefori, and more. This has been a hard decision as I do love the art, but some things in life are not meant to be. Anyway stayed tuned for future updates if you are interested in some SG supplies.

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Hi, katishooked, long time no see on this board. I'm sorry to hear about this decision; as I recall, you are very creative. I remember M'lady and other art pieces. If you do wish to sell your stash, I would certainly appreciate the opportunity.

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Silvamae. I have checked in now and then to see what yall have been creating. Have to keep up with slow and her projects also. Her latest is awesome. How I wish I had a place of my own away from uncreative people. I am still sorting. Didn't know I had so much. $300.00 plus and still counting. lol we are crazy crafters. I'll check back soon.

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