New range neutral wiring question

kchuskerJanuary 17, 2010

I searched the forums, but couldn't find my exact situation, so here goes... I'm getting a new range tomorrow. The existing range is from the 80's, and was hard-wired. There is a black wire, red wire, and white wire coming from the circuit breaker. The existing range appeared to have a piece of metal connecting the "ground" screw on the frame to inside where the white wire was connected. I've seen the instructions for my new range, and it allows for this same setup (the ground is connected to the neutral), except that instead of a white wire in the instructions, it has a bare wire going to the neutral/middle screw. Will I be ok using the white wire here? Thanks in advance!

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Yes. Just hook it up the exact same way.

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Three wire range circuits are grand-fathered if they are not altered.

the new range will come with instructions for both a 3-wire connection and a 4-wire connection.

Use the instructions for the 3-wire connection.

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