Getting a breaker box to blend in

comish4lifJanuary 16, 2012

I have the basic grey breaker box on a wall in my finished basement.

I was thinking of using a wood looking contact paper on the door and frame/face to make it blend in. That would be safe, right? Would it still be to code to paint it or cover like I am thinking?

Part 2 - the door has three plastic clips as hinges, could I remove the door to do a cleaner job with the contact paper and put the door back on when complete? How would I remove the door - temporarily - without breaking the clips?

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I'm of the opinion that nothing will make something so utilitarian "blend in." Nonetheless, since the breaker box already has a coat of paint on it, painting it another color is not going to violate any code or make it unsafe. As far as covering it with wood-looking contact paper, that will just make it look weird (again, my opinion).

The solution I've used before is to simply hang a picture over it and then you don't have to fool around with those half measures.

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I think you can get some camo tape that is like 2-3" wide and cover it with that. I would measure its location before you start so you don't lose track of that sucker! Other than that it is going to be tough to get to blend in. I know some that have had a face frame made with a cabinet type door on it with the inside diameter larger than the total outside dimensions of the box cover. I am sure this is not code worthy but at least you can still remove the actual box cover if needed.

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You can paint it, paper it, cover it with a door or picture. As long as you don't build a cupboard where stuff can be stored you are fine.

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