Softlite Pro/Imperial LS/Okna 500----head hurting!

border411May 27, 2014

Let me start off that I have a huge headache shopping for new replacement windows. I live in Northern VA, and have had 8 people (yes, I research everything to death!) come in to give me quotes for new windows. I have narrowed it down to 2 installers, both of whom I feel very comfortable with. My neighbor actually just had her windows replaced with Softlite windows from one of the companies I had it narrowed down to, so that was convenient to see how they do the installations. They did a great job and I was impressed on how clean they were.

So.....installer #1 quoted me the following for a total of 26 windows, including a large halfmoon and the work to make a small oval into a double hung ($750):
---Softlite Imperial LS $15,994 (including the carpentry work)
---Softlite Pro $14,977 (including the carpentry work)

Installer #2 will do the framing work for free and for the same windows quoted me $16,344 for Okna 500 series. This installer also said that they would/could get to the nailing fins of the original windows and put in "new install" Okna's so that they could really seal the seems against air infiltration.

All of the windows include lifetime warranties with glass breakage protection. I am sort of leaning towards the Oknas. Are there *Noticeable* energy savings from one model to another? I get so confused with all the stats like VT, DP values, etc! All of the windows aesthetically passed the "wife approval" test.

Thank you all so much for even looking at this thread. I value all of your opinions.

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I have to be honest, the pricing for the okna 500 is excellent considering the work they are doing.
The okna is very solid and you actually get more glass than the soft lite.
8 quotes !!!!! Thats a record. Suffice it to say, you dont need any further quotes. I usually recommend three, any more and its just noise.

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I just emailed the installer that gave me the quote for Oknas, as I just found out that they have access to Soft-Lites as well. Really want to compare apples to apples. I am also tryign to find out what glass pack will be in the 500's, since according to the Okna website their different packs give varying results for the performance numbers.

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I am also happy I got those 8 quotes. It weeded out the contractors that I would NEVER work with. For the exact same products, as in the windows listed above, I have people quote me from $15k to over $22k for the EXACT SAME WINDOWS! There is no reason to be that different, and yes, I made sure that all the specs were the same (ie-double pane, etc).

EDIT-I should have stated that I am leaning towards the Oknas, not the Softlites. Sorry for the confusion.

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Imperial LS would be the apples to apples comparison to Okna 500. The "EP" glass package is standard. (double pane, low e, argon, .25 u factor with foam filled frames (DX))

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Thank you.

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