strong wind and rain resistant sliding Patio Doors

rnakamaMay 4, 2013

Can anyone recommend a sliding patio door that can resist
wind drivin rain? We need to replace our old aluminum sliding doors. We live on a slope over looking a valley that, at times, experiences gusts of over 70 miles an hour. Because of moisture and a sea breeze we've not been considering aluminum or wood. We live in Hawaii and may not have access to all of the brands you have on the mainland.

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Windows on Washington

Sure...why not rub it in.

Just kidding of course. What a beautiful part of the world!!!

In terms of doors, you are going to want to look for a high DP/performance grade.

From Oberon....

The DP rating of a window or door is based on laboratory pressure testing in pounds per square foot or psf.

Air, water, structural is a three part test that determines much about a window's overall performance. Air infiltration is the first phase, water penetration is next, and structural is the third part of the test.

Windows are tested for air infiltration simulating a 25mph wind or a 1.56PSF pressure load - air infiltration is treated separately from both water infiltration and structural and it is independent of the design pressure of the unit. Said again - the air infiltration rate in a window is not based on the design pressure rating of the unit.

Both water penetration and structural testing, on the other hand, are based on the window DP rating. Water infiltration is tested at 15% of the design pressure and structural is tested at 150% of DP rating.

What this means is that a window with a DP30 is tested for water infiltration at 4.5psf (15% of 30psf) while a window with a DP40 is tested at 6psf (15% of 40).

A window with a DP30 rating should be able to keep out rain when its driven by 42mph winds and a window with a DP40 should be able to keep out rain when driven by 49mph while water infiltration is DP related - and air infiltration is not - the nature of air and water infiltration is different.

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Thanks windowsonwashington for your quick reply. So far I've looked at fiberglass doors by Milgard and Pella. I don't think I want wood or aluminum, because of wood rot and the corrosive effect of salt on aluminum. Should I also consider vinyl doors? What other manufacturers should I be considering?

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Windows on Washington

There are some great door options in vinyl but I wouldn't even fathom a guess as to what is available in your area.

I know the often recommended brands that are state side won't be available out there.

Check for European brands like Intus as well. They are shipping already so perhaps going to the islands isn't a big deal.

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I would look at the PGT 400 series vinyl sliding door; I just configured an 8/0 x 6/8 door for a coastal application and the standard DP rating is +- 60 upgradable to +- 80.

The same door is frame is used in the Wind Guard Vinyl 500 series manufactured to Dade County Florida hurricane impact specifications.

The doors are not standard with stainless steel rollers; upgrading the rollers to stainless is a must in your climate.

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Windows on Washington

Good recommendation.

Are they available in HI though?

I feel like PGT is somewhat regional (i.e. Florida and Gulf Coast mostly).

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That is true they are east coast and I am their northern most distributor so I handle coastal product requests for coastal New Jersey, New York & New England.

When I read the recommendation of shipping in European products I figured I would put PGT out there. I will be shipping three doors to Guam for a new house.

The 400 & 500 series vinyl were developed for coastal applications. They achieve DP ratings in vinyl doors that you only see in aluminum. Somehow PGT is able to maintain outstanding DP ratings and impact certification in multi-track doors as well with as many as six panels spanning 20+ feet.

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Windows on Washington

They do make some nice storm stuff.

Good suggestion Bill.

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