Sierra Pacific Windows & Doors

codmbMay 24, 2011

There haven't been any recent postings about Sierra Pacific windows and doors and was wondering if anyone has them. I'd love to get some feedback on these windows/doors. We're building a house and our GC is recommending them over Pella(the other brand we're considering). He (our GC) says he's had a lot of problems with Pella. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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I built a house with their casement and double hung windows about 6 years ago. The homeowner had problems with them and a number of sashes had to be replaced. I was told by the millwork company that they were purchased from that Sierra Pacific finally refused to do any more warranty service and the supplier had to sue them to cover their expense in fixing Sierra's problem. Caution is advised. Go with a strongly ethical compant such as Marvin. Great service, product and warranty.

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Stay as far away from this company as you can. I was told by the salesperson that these windows are "just like Marvins". They couldn't be further from the truth. They came requiring so much work that they end up being more expensive than Marvins and look so much cheaper. Two of the windows had cracks in the frames, the wood was gouged in many places, the adhesive under the pane separators leaked through and when I asked someone to come out and replace the cracked ones, I was treated rudely, condescended to and treated like I was just some stupid homeowner. The sales person promised me anything I wanted to hear and then when he didn't come through, everyone in the company made excuses as to why that was acceptable. This is my third major remodel, I've used Marvin and Anderson before without any issues. My architect talked me into these and I deeply regret it. I am replacing every one of them with Marvins.

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