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katishookedAugust 31, 2008

To all in forum. Got a GREAT deal on a couple of bb beauties Sat. Was talking to the gal I got em from and found out her mom is going thru cancer treatments. I would like to do a bb with HOPE (O being the ribbon) in pink glass globs for her. Trouble is I have only found pale pink globs. Has anyone seen a site that has the darker pink ones? If I use clear globs to paint, what kind of paint should I use that would be permanent? All ideas and suggestions are welcome as my brain is all fogged up from seaching for some solid pink globs. Can do stained glass, but prefer globs. Thanks to all for your thots on my delima.


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although these aren't extremely dark pink, these are the darkest pink I've seen thus far; I was looking for them a while back myself. Go to ebay and enter this item number in the search: 220271319137

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May I suggest that you ask the seller on Ebay for a picture of the gems on a white background? I checked out the item and noticed they are pictured on a pink background, which could have quite an effect on their color.
I'm sure you all noticed that, too.

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Yes, I noticed that too, after I posted the message above. I wonder why dark pink is so hard to find, you'd think it would be a popular color. Sorry couldn't be more help.

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That's ok. If you think of anything let me know. Thanks so much. This is for a stranger, but it means a lot to me some how. Hard to explain.


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Go to and look thru paints, then glass paint and I believe Liquitex or Pebeo has a ping that will work for you. I have a fushia and magenta...but I bet you can find one and then bake in the oven at 300 for 15 min. Or better yet,(Where is my mind?) go to walmart or dollar store and get some hot pink nail polish, I know this will work on glass globs.

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Oooo! GREAT tip on the nail polish! And a lot of those
bright glaring colors are in the cheap section!
Can't wait to see this once you get started. Sorry for my ignorance but are you talking Bowling Ball or Bird Bath?

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There is also a "Rose Shimmer Pink" craft enamel by Folk Art availableat Wal Mart. It is one of the ones you bake on like the ones flag talked about. It's a rich rosey shimmery pink. Of course, that's assuming your local wally world hasn't eliminated their craft/fabric section like the one close to me has:(


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Flag will the polish hold with GEII and weather? Cindi it's a bowling ball. She had 2 pretty balls and she let me have them for 4 each. So we got to talking and I decided to do this for her and her mom. Curb I work at WalMart and the last I knew we still had the paint, but don't know how long

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I was going to sugest nail polish I have done some with no problem.

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I think the nail polish will hold up okay. I seem to recall in one of my books it talked about doing the backs of glass gems with it. I even recall one done with stars stuck on and red and white behind it. I just forgot to look for nail polish. I will go to wal mart later today and check out the paint, I didn't know they were carrying it, I checked Michaels and the one here didn't have the bake on stuff.

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