Adding window trim to existing windows

kcbluMay 7, 2011

I am very jealous of those houses with the beautiful window trim. In our area even the new modest housing (which ours is) has lovely trim work.

My house has only drywall surounding the windows witha wood ledge on the bottom. They are inset about 2 inches. The walls have the typical poor suberbia construction, meaning the width might be 2 inches at one spot and 2 and 1/2 and another. Anyway, I have always wondered if the trim could be added now? My husband nor I have skills and my husband says it would cost a great amount. I have seen some vinyl trim? All other trim in our house is painted so I don't have to worry about investing in beautiful wood.

I don't need fancy, I just think they look so unfinished in our house which is a traditional design.

Thanks in advance for any help with this!

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You just want the windows cased? Basic casing is about $.30 a foot and $1 a foot for install is on the high side. The usual material you would want would be mdf. Vinyl is for the outside.

So a 3x6 ft window would be about 20 ft (this is linear feet and you have to add a little to the window). Sure there is some waste so your total cost would be about $30. Now there might be some extra work involved with matching up to the stool.

So not a huge cost $600 for 20 windows but it is one of those areas that a builder can save some money on.

It should be noted that some trim (even just paint quality) can be $2 a foot.

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