Amerimax Vs. Milgard Tuscany

jbbbMay 22, 2009

Has anyone ever heard of Amerimax Windows? I am looking to replace 8 windows and a patio door- and wondering what the costs compared to a Milgard Tuscany Window is. Also difference in cost and quality.

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Amerimax windows are considered a higher end window. Standard features are superspacer, double strength glass, triple weatherstripping, brass rollers, tilt-in single hung, 8+ chambers, sloped chambers for drainage and 4 weep hole system and two cam locks are standard on windows above 36". Amerimax has 5/8 flat grids, 5/8 sculptered grids, 1" flat grids, 1" sculptered grids available. Amerimax low-e270 and argon on its windows standard qualifies for the tax credit where as most other brands need low-e366 and argon. Options on Amerimax are brickmold and 10 color exterior colors. Very nice window with good service.
Amerimax patio door comes with key lock standard and metal outside handle. 10 handle finishes available. Footbolt lock available. Grey aluminum sill cover not vinyl.

Milgard Tuscany is a good window but not a great one. Much better then the old Classic line. Milgard's marketing is second to none. Standard features are intercept spacer, single strength glass, double weaterstripping, nylon rollers, single hung does not tilt-in, 7 chambers and single lock on windows no matter what the size. The Milgard auto lock is a very nice feature but not very secure on large windows. To qualify for tax credit window needs to be upgraded to 3D-MAX glass package. 5/8 flat grids and 1" sculptered grids available.
Milgard patio door has plastic outside handle which I think is cheap looking. Only white, tan and brass finish is available on handle. Can have key lock added but no footbolt lock available.

Price wise it just depends on what dealer you find to give you a quote. The patio door is no comparison. Milgard's is still the old Classic style. Hopefully Milgard will come out with a Tuscany door line soon. Milgard Dealers are a dime a dozen. Amerimax is very selective and only opens select dealers. Remember Milgard was started as a new construction window company where as Amerimax as a replacement high end window company. Amerimax will be a higher priced window then the Milgard but I think is well worth the money.

Another window to look at is the Simonton 7300 or Simonton 7500.

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