No wood below window to include a Window Stool

heyjoe91May 22, 2012

I have an add on room that wasn't built correctly. I installed new windows but the bottom of the windows lines up with the 2x4's below. There is no wood or anything sticking out to allow me to nail in a window stool. To make matters worse the 2x4 below the window was originally a 2x6 and was then cut down unevenly to something like a 2x4. Since the surface isn't level I can't even nail on top of it another 2x4. Any suggestions? Better just not to do a spool? Thanks.

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pictures may help

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What he said ^^ ;)

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"I installed new windows..."

When you had the old windows out was a good time to replace any bad framing.

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When installing the windows, you should have held the window to the outside a little more. Now before you tell me you couldn't, yes you could have.

To remedy this situation, do this. Nail your sill apron up first, with the height flush with the 2x4. When you then put your sill on, use a finish nail gun with 2" or longer nails, and nail at a 45 degree angle into the 2x4. Make sure your sill extends at least 1 1/2 inches beyond where the jamb casing will fall. This will probably hold.

Won't work if you were planning to have sills sticking out to put stuff on. Will be fine for a "stool" look, a classic window look.

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