break & cut glass to make mosaic pictures

marcinconAugust 5, 2008

DIYnetwork showed a way to make a sliding stained glass picture frame to block a window. The wooden frame surrounded a piece of plexiglass to secure it then they put different types of glass on top to display a beautiful design. You can recycle and break and cut old glass, colored glass, bottles, marbles, sea glass, colored aquarium glass rocks, etc. After the design was finished it was then grouted. Check out their idea:,2037,DIY_13904_4832535,00.html.

One question I have is, what type of cutter do you use? Would you need to have a special number bottle cutter and separate glass cutter? Would it be easier to make a bottle cutting jig to support your bottles?

Now it's time to start collecting glass, maybe the recycle dump would be a great place to start!

btw this was posted in Trash to Treasure & I was told to post it here instead - didn't know there was a Stained Glass & Mosaic forum.

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Glad you posted over here.
You will get some great inspiration and information.

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Hello, MARC: Welcome to the forum. I couldn't open the link. Sounds like a real fun project. I'll try to Google it.

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it looks like a really interesting project!
the link doesnt work because it has a full stop on the end but here it is slowme

diy network project

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Hi, Marc, and welcome! I haven't used glass yet, so I can't answer your questions and see no one else has yet. They usually do right away if they see them. They must have been moving too fast and missed them. Let's see what happens in the next couple of days, and if no one's answered, I'd ask again. SOMEONE knowsand would be happy to answer. This is a great group of very helpful people.

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Another idea, Marc. Go to the bottom of the page and type in "How to cut glass" (or something similar) in the search window and then look over the whole array of similar questions that have been asked in the past.

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thats good advice daisy.

Marc, what you are looking at on that site is essentially what is known as a GOG or glass on glass project and thats another subject you might want to read up on as there are specific concerns about your adhesive choices and grout bleed issues when doing a GOG. As far as glass cutting, a glass cutter/scoring tool and wheeled nippers are most preferred but there are saws and gigs available too

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