Wire shoe form... Need to know how...

Bright199August 9, 2008

Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a long while, but lurk often. You all have been creating wonderful art. I need some instruction on the Riana method you all do. I found this wire shoe at the local ts for $3.99 and couldn't pass it up. It is 15in long x 9in high x 6in wide. Is this mesh small enough to apply concrete and how do you get it to stay in place. My head is spinning... we shall see if I get it done. Thanks for all your help in advance....

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Well, hello BRIGHT: It's so nice to see you back. Have missed you. I think I've seen that shoe somewhere. Cute as it can be, and I can visualize it all gussied up. My suggestion is to cover it w/that plaster wrap/rigid wrap. I assume you want to keep this little darlin' inside, so that would work. W/a couple of layers of the rigid wrap, you can put on a layer of Gesso to smooth it out. Gesso is what artists use to prepare a raw canvas. Why do you want to use the Riana method (concrete) on this? If you want to use concrete, you'll really have to work it carefully into the mesh, cuz there's not much to hold it on this specimen. B/f I discovered Riana's method I DID manage to glob on huge amounts of concrete onto one layer of wire mesh for my back yard "Esmeralda" skirt, but I don't suggest that method for this fine wire. The Riana method calls for two layers of the wire mesh to hold the concrete between the layers. Hope this helps.

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nice find,i have seen a shoe,similar to that one, i think it was at Steinmart about 8 years ago , and i wanted to purchase it, but they wanted like $20.00 for it, so i passed it up.wouldn't mind having it now tho.
slow pretty much "wrapped" it up. just cover it with rigid wrap. can't wait to see what you do with it.

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Ditto the Rigid wrap.
I love that shoe!

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Thanks everyone. Never heard of rigid wrap before will have to check it out. Wonder if I could use it and then cover with concrete. I really wanted this to go outside. But we shall see.

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Yes you can do that. Rigid wrap can be found at HobLob or Michaels. I think two coats of the wrap, then a thin slurry coat of mortar, then use the mortar for the adhesive and grout, and it'll be just fine for outside.

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Yup, What Slow says...what a great shoe!!!! Keep us posted with WIP pics!!!

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