repair starburst crack in window glass?

shadygroveAugust 30, 2012

I have a one-inch starburst crack in one of my house windows, which I recently inflicted when weed-eater met gravel. Its in an outer pane of a double-paned fixed window. I know that I may very well have shattered the integrity of the seal between the panes, but I'd like to simply try any product, if one exists, to fill in the starburst a little and, ideally, keep the break from spreading.

I'm okay with less than perfect results--if I could get it to look as good as a repaired ping on a car windshield, I'd be happy.

Any of you glass experts able to recommend a product I might try? A glass epoxy?

The professional window folks I've spoken with thus far really just want to sell me a new window--which would unfortunately mean all new windows, since these were a basic model, no longer made, of twenty-five years ago. Profoundly goes against my DYI soul at this point.

The Web is full of suggested products, most of them for car windshield repair, which doesn't appear to be the same thing, and I would value an expert opinion.


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I think as a general rule, we are waaaay better at breaking than repairing, LOL. The car windshield repair would be my first thought.

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You can get the windshield repair kits at auto stores (like auto zone) my son tried to repair mine but since the hole hadn't gone all the way through he needed a tiny drill bit. I'd try crazy glue. What I have done in the attic is take E600 and glue a piece right over the hole/crack.
Might be a good time to do a clear g on g mosaic :)

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