another victim of polymer clay

joyyAugust 28, 2009

you know... i've seen threads in here with 'polymer clay' in the title but didn't usually open them. i made the mistake of looking at the michael's flyer and noticed that it was on sale this week so i started a google image search ... just to see what it was all about. then i did a search in here to read about how you were using it.

i'm HOOKED. i bought some yesterday and played around with it last night and it's fun!!!! i couldn't understand what it was about it that i was enjoying so much but then realized that making stained glass mosaics isn't much of a tactile experience. i mean, i touch the shards but you can't exactly roll them around in your hands - not without getting cut anyway! and the results - i LOVE that this doesn't really shrink when it bakes. i guess that was part of why i wasn't interested - i pictured everything i made shrinking and cracking etc.

ughhhh... one more addiction. i have only a couple of really small experiments so far and want to do something a little larger this weekend.

i've seen some good tutorials online but usually like a reference book or two lying around. anyone have any recommendations?

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You think that your addicted now, wait til you see Laurie's stuff and get her book!
Poly clay is wonderful to mix with all kinds of media in mosaics.
I'm not much of a sculpter, but I love making shapes and tiles with all kinds of stuff stuck in it.
You are going to have a blast!

Here is a link that might be useful: Laurie's site

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I'm not listening...not seeing...not hearing...not succumbing!!!!

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Joyy, you're in for a real treat. When I decided I wanted to mosaic (after I retired last year) I wasn't too thrilled with just glass. When I found polymer clay and Laurie Mika's work, I knew right then I'd found what I wanted to do. I've got a porch full of projects now and hoping to have a space in our renovated workshop to work. I just LOVE it! Join in and you'll love it too. Cheers! Vee

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You just keep saying that Calamity, over and over again!
Hey Vee, how about some pictures?

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Poly clay has lots of uses. When we built our wood storage shelter the metal roof (used roofing) had some nail holes in it and the wood was getting wet. didn't have any caulking so I used some of my Poly clay and it worked like a champ!!

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Texasfern, you asked for pics of some of my polymer clay mosaics/collages so here goes. I just love this stuff and would sit at my worktable all day! Thanks for looking.
Cheers, Vee

Here is a link that might be useful: veeguy

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love your tiles, i saw a lady on craft lab that made a table with tiles like yours...i have always wanted to try that..i am trying not to get into another hobby right now, i cant afford the ones i already have..maybe if i convince myself that the polyclay is just an extension of mosaics...hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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It is just an extension of mosaics!
Wow Vee, your work is awesome. I would love to see your stamp collection!
The leaves are wonderful, are they stamps or did you use real leaves? What kind of paint do you use? Is that liquid poly clay I see used on some of your tiles?
The questions go on an on!

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Texasfern, although I've sent you a private email, I'll answer your last entry here. I don't have a lot of stamps but like using what I have. As to the leaves, I walked around our property pulling interesting looking leaves off trees and bushes. I pressed them onto the rolled out clay and cut around them. The impressions of the veins show on the finished leaf. I used mica powders on each one to make them iridescent. I wish the camera could pick up the iredescence better. I use very little paint as I don't like the look. I have not used liquid polyclay as yet, that's one of the things I have to look forward to. Go for it, girl! You'll love it too. Cheers, Vee

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Holy Totems Rocky! Your album is like raisin bran...chock full of so much!!! Polymer clay and totems forever. Amazing, sure had me entertained for a long time. My favorite is the dragonfly..teal one....very pretty and your leaves (now that I know they are not even from stamps but from nature)...WOW. Thanks for sharing...I am headed to Calamity's therapy session....I'll need it if I start ANOTHER PROJECT!!! ....mmmmmmm not listening, not......

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Veel, I so love yur tiles, especialy the leaves. I love all the colors they are. I need some just like them for my bathroom project!! Guess I should give the clay a try. HMMMMM. It's something to think about.....UUggghhh!!!!

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welcome to the darkside JJoy

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What CALAM said - not doin' it. Where's the off-switch.

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