Closing up a window

bert76May 18, 2010

We have old jalousie windows in the basement above the soil line. The window in the bathroom opens up to the bottom of an added on breakfast room, making the view not so great.

In addition, the window placement makes it impossible to center the mirror on the vanity.

I want to close off the window and then drywall over it since we're about to repaint the bathroom. What's the best way (and least expensive) to seal up the in window in insulate the space?



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Probably cinder- block, parged smooth on the outside?
If so, become a mason.
Just gut the opening back to the original block cut out for the window and with mortor, re-block the opening.

If not block, then what is it?

The Porch Guy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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