katishookedAugust 29, 2009

I love Mandalas. Can look at them all day. The patterns and colors kind of mesmorize me. Anyway, have had this picture frame for a while, so decided to try my hand at one. It is done all in pony beads. The frame is debatable???? Not sure if the color works. What do ya think???

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i love this,, have always wanted to do a mandala,,,i am partial to black frames tho and think that would probably make your colors pop more,,,if you have some black tissue paper or fabric,, place it over the frame and see how it the picture, where do you find all the pony beads in those colors

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The gold is nice, but I would try black.
That is beautiful.

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Are You going to grout it? I think maybe a red frame would look good also....I vote black grout...heh heh! Me and my Black grout obsession!!!lol!

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Calamity, I'm not going to grout. Love the way the light catches the colors. Maybe will try the black frame. Sounds right. Kraft I have gotten most of my beads from Boleks Craft Supply. They are fairly cheap and have a lot of colors. I origianlly got them for beaded banners, but then I got bit by the mosaic bug. Sometimes I haunt MAO and there was an artist who did portraits using pony beads. Very creative. Thanks for looking.

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That is cool!!!!

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OHMYGOSH - that is so soft and yummy. What a nice effect. I bought a whole bin of those poney beads and didn't know what to do w/them. Thanks for one more inspiration, girlie.

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Wow, what yummy colors. I vote for black frame also.

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