My home has no outside disconnect! DPDT?

tony41January 6, 2010

Here in Arkansas in the county you are not required to have an outside disconnect. Of course the building contractor didn't do anything he wasn't forced too!

Service Entrance cable is not protected from load side of meter to the panel 25' away. Panel has 200 amp main breaker.

I would like to remove the meter base and replace with a combination 200 amp meter base and 200 amp overcurrent protection/disconnect.

Problem > The service entrance cable exits the meter base makes a 90 degree turn upward to the attic inside the outside brick wall. Its not possible for the entrance cable to have enough length to make new connections. I would not mind changing out the entrance cable but I see no way running new cable back in the outside wall. Would have to be surface on brick inside conduit.

Plan B - Contact Electric Coop Request disconnection of line side conductors from meter that are feed from 3" PVC underground.

Shorten the 3" conduit to accommadate installing a 200 amp Breaker/disconnect. Then connect underground service conduit to bottom of disconnect.

I would like to install a generator hook-up to this Plan B idea. Don't know if avaiable but a 200 amp DPDT switch. Top Side fused with 200 amp fuses.

Bottom pole would not need to be fused.

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Ron Natalie

Most places in the country do not require an OUTSIDE disconnect. The NEC certainly makes no such requirement. Except in a few places where the entire panel is mounted outside (temperate climates such as the Southwest), I'd even say it is uncommon. I have one in my place in NC, but only because there's a whole house transfer switch also mounted outside next to the generator.

What makes you think your main disconnect isn't protecting the run from the meter over to it?

The standard procedure when making changes to the main disconnect (or stuff on the hot side of it) is to call the power company and have them shut you off.

The generator transfer switch is infact a remotely controlled DPDT switch. Mine is rated at 400A. I've got a 80KVA generator.

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If you add an outside disconnect, you will have to replace the line feeding the inside panel with 4 conductor cable since this inside panel now becomes a subpanel.

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The service entrance cable is protected by the main in the panel against overload.

The POCO line fuse (on the distribution side of the pole transformer) provides the short circuit protection.

It is not required since it is not really of much benefit.

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I took forgranted that the Main in the panel protected only the Load Side and not also Line side!
Also assumed since the nearest City required Outside Disconnect that it was a NEC requirement.
Thanks for sitting me straight!

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