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rivkadrMay 11, 2010

I have a 50's California bungalow; it's largely lacking in those little details that make a house have some character/charm, and I personally feel that one of those things that is missing is trim around the windows. They're basically just holes cut out of the wall -- no sill, no trim. Currently the windows are vinyl (and are going to stay that way; we can't afford to replace them right now, and they're relatively new), which I would imagine are replacements for the original aluminum windows that some of the houses in the neighborhood still have.

So my question: is it possible to add a sill and trim to this kind of window? I have no idea what the jambs are made of -- they've been painted to be the same color as the walls. But is it possible to put a sill on top of the bottom jamb, and then trim around the window, and paint appropriately? Or would it just look tacky?

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I'm not sure I understand what you're describing - but I'll try... When I had my house resided the contractor built faux sills under the awning windows to match those on the original double hung windows. And they put trim around to match also. Looks nice to me.

Don't your windows stick out slightly from the outside wall?

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You're asking about an interior trim and sill? Yes, you can absolutely add that. A few options would be to add the window casing on all sides of the window, including the bottom (ie, do not install a sill. I've seen this once with stnd / plan 1x4 and it looked surprising well. THe other thing you can do while triming out your window is to trim out what you're referring to as the jamb. This will frame out your window very nicely.

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