Gaps between exterior window and trim

lst12345May 18, 2010

Hi, can someone answer a question for me? We had all new windows installed in our home, and others added to a new structure. On most of the windows (including the new construction) there is a gap, from about 1/16th to over 1/8th of an inch between the window frame and the trim boards all the way around the window. My contractor says this is a normal installation and they do not caulk the gap. I say the gap will attract dirt, water and insects if not caulked. Who's right here? Thanks so much!

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Sounds like from your description that you are correct. In addition to the problems you mentioned, there is also the possibility of air infiltration and water penetration. What reason did he give you for not caulking? Did he install any kind of insulation in the gap?

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Thank you for your input. He says it will be harder for the painter to paint around the windows. He says they never caulk these gaps and "it will be fine." There is nothing installed in these gaps, other than the water resistant plastic that was folded around the window opening when installed. He says it will cost us more to have the caulking done because they "don't do it that way." Any thoughts?

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What are the windows made out of? Wood, vinyl etc.?

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