phantom_gardnerAugust 4, 2009


I am fairly new to this site and am in love with it. I have question and I am hoping someone will be able to help me. I am currently in the process of re-doing my kitchen and am wanting to tile my counter tops. I make stained glass pieces and have a bunch of glass so I though I would tile it with glass. Is this doable seeing how it will be around a sink and in a high traffic area? If it is do able how would i go about doing it? Would I do it just like ceramic tile (which I have done in the past) or is there a special way to lay glass? and when it is laid do i grout it like regular tile or do you use something else. also does it need a top coat? Thank you all in advance for your help.

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Well, look who else is up early. I tiled my bathroom counter and backsplash w/glass, and love it. It's is quite textured w/all kinds of earrings, found objects etc. I first laid down 1/4" backerboard, then used Mapei Ultra Flex II for adhesive. For grout, I mixed half black grout and half of the Ultra Flex grey. I would supposed in your kitchen you'd have to be very careful not to put hot pots on it, and I think I'd do as SILVA did and tumble the glass. A picture of my b.r. follows.

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Phantom welcome to our forum. Glad you took my advice and stopped by here to get your answers. Good luck and post some pix of what you have done.


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slowmedown I love your picture! that is what i am looking to do. How long have you had the mosaic up? Yeah I understand about the heat with a hot pot. I love the geo at the top of your pic. I am going to try and keep the bottom counter as smooth as possible but the back I was thinking of adding some odd items. How long do you think it took you to do it and did you sketch out a design first or did you just go with it? Thanks

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I used stained glass to tile my bathroom floor. I did it just like you would for any other tile floor. I used thinset to lay the glass and then grouted it with sanded grout. The only difference is you don't want the thinset quite as thick when laying the tiles. My floor has been in place for three years and we have had no trouble with it. I hope this helps.


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one more thing.. What did you use as the edging?

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Oh, rats, I didn't put the date on the picture, and don't remember the title of my post, so don't know how to do a search. I'm thinking it's been a couple yrs. I do remember it took me two weeks to mosaic it after the demolition. No, I did not start w/a design. The edging is made from 1"X1" squares of red, green, purple and plain mirror, and 1/2"X1"rectangles of gold mirror tiles, all of which I cut myself. After every 1" tile, I put the 1/2" gold mirror tile.

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My goodness I think it may be dangerous to live at Slow's house. If you are too slow moving you will have been Mosaic-ed. What wonderful things.

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When I am done do I need to seal it with a clear coat or anything?

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Hey, lady. I did seal the grout w/Tile Lab Glossy, cuz I like the grout to be shiny and not flat on some projects. Sealing doesn't make it waterproof - the backerboard does that. I seal some things where I want a glossy look.

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I always have to get a big cup of coffee when I go into those photos!
That is just too cool!

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Love, love, love the backsplash! Sent the picture to DH Jim and he immediately sent back a message telling me I can't visit this forum anymore. Ha! He's afraid I'm going to have a tile project in every room. Hey, that's not a bad idea!

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Thanks everyone for the help and ideas. I will be working hard at it not this weekend but next weekend and when i get it finished I will put up some pics. thanks again!

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