I found an awesome Glue!

lovemosaicsAugust 9, 2008

It's called Quick Grip..got it at Walmart.

It's real thin..so I was worried at first..but it is working so great! 3D stuff is so hard...and I always used thinset. But I can't make that mess at my son's house. This glue is awesome! sets up fast, minimal taping!

Love it!

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Mornin Love. Quick Grip huh. You using it for indoor project or out door? Did you find it in crafts or hardware? I work at Walmart and haven't seen this one. I can hear the excitement in your post. Glad you are back to the creating again.


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It was in crafts!.....oh if I worked at Wamart......
I would be broke as hell!LOL!! I'd have everything I could find all day on hold for me!LOl!

It says water and weather proof.... I love it! I think it's new..never saw it before.

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Oh that sounds great, since I had my thinset disaster this weekend I am always on the lookout for another one. tried dap kwick seal adhesive on my yellow brick road flower pot and as I was grouting, I lost quite a few tiles, not sure it it was the new adhesive or operator error but it did cause a lot of naughty words. LOl

Does this stuff smell?? Sounds great, water and weatherproof. Hmm please let us know how good it works as you grout.

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I just found Quick Grip at Crafts Etc online too. they had it 4.27 for 2oz. not sure of how that is comparable to Walmart. sounds really really good, now just wondering if it has a smell

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just found it on sale at joann's online for $3.19, think will order a tube there that's it for me

keep posting loves, we are so glad you are back and making art

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I does have an odor..kind of like rubber cement, but not quite that strong.

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I have been using Quick Grip for years now. I love it. I could only find it at a local Hobby Shop. Now if Walmart and Joanne's is carrying it, it must be getting wider distribution. I have used it on indoor and outdoor projects without any problem. I couldn't do a 3-D project without it. I am very sensitive to smells and it doesn't bother me. My kids think it smells like finger nail polish.

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This sounds like it is worth a try!

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