WIP-grout color?

terikat_momAugust 24, 2008

Here's a stepping stone that I just need to grout. What color grout do you think I should use? Also, believe it or not, this is this first time I've used thinset! Did I use too much? Is the thinset supposed to squish out when you press it down? I took a knife and tried to get most of it off around the edges of the tesserae.

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Oh, how pretty. What a beautiful stepping stone!! I LOVE the colors. Your spacing is perfect - not much grout to see. The picture doesn't enlarge, so to me it already seems grouted. All you'll need is a thin application of the thinset w/your colorant, or whatever grout you choose. You did a beautiful job. Looks finished as is.

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I've not used thinset very often...seems like I'm always wiping a lot of it off, maybe too much. So I'm no help there. Your spacing is perfect, colors are prefect...it's perfect..nice cutting on your circles! In the picture it looks like a lavendar grout would be nice!

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Very Pretty! Green? Grey?

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That's really pretty! Did you try one of the grouting websites? I HAD one saved but it won't come up today. Perhaps someone else has one they can give you here. It allows you to put in your colors and then try different colors of grout. Quite fun! Someone help!?

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Beautiful!!! Much to beautiful to walk on! What is the pinkish-lavender center ? Has the look of seashell pearl!Like abalone. I just love it. Jan

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Hope you're still there, as I found the grout planner. It's at

Give it a minute to load and then have FUN!

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Thank you daisy! I went to the grout planner-fun, fun, fun.
I think I'm going with charcol gray grout. I'll post a picture when I'm done.

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I'm glad I caught you before you gave up on this thread! I knew you'd enjoy that. I even went there and played with your colors, but I couldn't copy the results, which is too bad. I also wish they had a few more grout colors.

I see you live in Northern California. So do I! I've been looking for another mosaicist up here and wonder if you're somewhere near? I'm in Amador County. You can answer me here if you're also interested, or check "My Page" next to my name above and send me an email. It'd sure be fun to find someone from the forum nearby.

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Oh Daisyme, it is SO Fun to have fellow GWebbers near by! Klinger and CozyCat are my two best friends and I met them here!!!! I feel like you all are my best buddies..even tho I haven't met ya'll! I just Love this forum!

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Daisy-I live in San Jose, unfortunately not too close to you. It would be fun to have a friend to mosaic with nearby. None of my friends quite understand my obsession!
But I have found all of you! The past few weeks if I have a minute, I'm on this forum! LOVE it!

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Well, we sure all feel the same about the friends we're making here. Isn't it great? Teri, I'm sorry you're not closer as I've been soooo jealous of those in Texas (like YOU, Calamity, and the others there) that know and enjoy each other so much. As the forum grows though, we may find someone in between you and me, Teri. Then we'll hit her/him up for a weekend mosaic fest at their house. (Grin)

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