90" closet door at reasonable price?

M_N_AMay 2, 2013

We want to use tall closet doors for 8ft ceiling
I have checked around. Standard interior door heights are 80", 84" and 96" in HD/lowes.
special order is much more expensive. 32x90 swing door cost over 300.

Does anyone know where to order 90" tall doors with good price?
can 96" door (especially hollow core door) be cut down to fit 8ft ceiling?

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You could cut it down if is a flush door maybe on a panel door depending on where the panels are. If is a bypass door something could be made pretty easily. Real lumber yards typically have a door shop and might have some better options available than box stores.

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thank you toddinmn.
can bi-fold or sliding door go from floor to ceiling, i.e. 96" door in 8ft ceiling? does that work?

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No you need room for the track and or hardware.

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