Installation company, contractor or handyman?

eckshome12May 17, 2012

I am in the very early stages of window shopping and need some basic advice.

We just moved into a 1963 colonial that has a number of very cheap replacement windows with broken seals and don't lock and need to be replaced.

There is also a large, original picture window that our inspector said we should take care of right away due to rotting wood. He was concerned that their could be some damage within the wall that we obviously couldn't access during the inspection.

So my question is... Who do I call to handle this window job?? Will a typical window installation company handle problems within the wall? Should I be calling contractors instead of the big window companies.

This is probably a dumb question! I'm overwhelmed with this process already! Thank you!

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Personally, I'd recommend contacting a local window/exterior specialty company. If you contact a handyman or general contractor type, they will typically offer builder grade-type products and you'll be stuck in the same situation again with bad seals, broken locks, etc. In fact, I'd recommend that you search out the product(s) that you like first, and then find a dealer of that window. Typically a company that offers a stellar product will have that reflected in their quality and expertise as well, and should be able to address your other concerns.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

While it might be considered a bit homer'ish, I agree with HomeSealed.

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hiring a handyman is just not smart...a handyman is a far cry from a craftsman. i see plenty of homeowners attempting to save money by getting " a great deal" from their local handyman who everyone says is good..well, we all know what happens next..the job isnt done correctly and now a pro needs to rip out the low quality windows and install them correctly. i have NEVER seen a handyman do a proper window install.
cheaper is always more expensive than investing in a quality product with a professional installation. cheap prices are cheap for a reason, regardless off how good the neighbors say the local handyman is...

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