kitchen skylight in shade of chimney?

hapahaole76May 7, 2010

We're redoing most of our house including our 1950's galley kitchen. The kitchen runs along the north side of our house. The main window over the sink faces side side wall/fence. Our neighbor's house on that side is quite a bit higher than ours.

To get more light into the kitchen, we're thinking of installing a skylight. Because of the way the roof comes together, there's one good spot (as far as not having to mess with the roof and framing too much) to put the skylight. But that spot is right next to our big chimney. The way the sun comes over our house during throughout day, the chimney would put the skylight in the shade for most of the day. Is this bad? I know we're trying to get light... so will we not get that much or is being in the shade good so we don't have direct light pounding on us through the skylight?

Also need to figure out if I want it to open our not. I really don't want leaks, but the skylight will be rear the cooktop, so maybe it would be a good idea to help with venting and airflow?


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Solartubes have a much smaller footprint and bring in plenty of natural light. I tend to think that they are a bit hinky but they sound like they would fit your criteria.

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We actually had plans to put in a couple solatubes, but really prefer the look of a skylight. We were going to keep one solatube at the other end of the kitchen near the entrance from the garage door. We're making that area into a tiny little office area. But for the open kitchen area we decided we liked the look of a skylight better...if only we can get it to work. We're also building a roof deck and I've heard the solatube can look a little funny sticking out of the a skylight might be better to look at from the roofdeck (since we'll be looking at a lot of the rest of the roof).

Thanks for the suggestion. Do you think the shade from the chimney would cut down on too much light into the skylight? Out other option is to scratch the skylight and just put in lots of canned lighting.


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