Ground wire on hanging light fixture

kderbyJanuary 3, 2011

I hired a general contractor to do some painting and to also install a light fixture from my 2-story ceiling. Now that the job is done, I noticed that the ground wire for the fixture is tied off to the chain (5-6 links below ceiling height) rather than run up through the ceiling plate of the light. Obviously they cut the ground wire too short while installing the light. Not a very professional job in my opinion. But my question is, is this installation safe, or do I need to call them back out to fix it? Thanks for your advice!

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They need to install a new ground wire from the fixture's bonding point to the box.

If you HAVE a 3-wire nranch circuit (hot-neutral-ground) the fixture should be grounded by attaching to the grounded box or the ground wire itself.

If you have an older circuit that is 2-wire (hot-neutral) it is not really going to make any difference though, you do not have a ground anyway.

Note that some wiring methods (AC cable, metal conduit) use the armor or conduit as the ground connection and not a separate wire.

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Are we speaking of a chandelier? Regardless, if the ground wire (I assume green) is visible to the casual observer from 18ft.below, I would ask the GC to come back and properly ground the fixture.

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