Skylight shade issue

yramtMay 24, 2012

I have a skylight in my kitchen and am having trouble coming up with a shade solution. I love the light I get from it, but because I do not have central air (through the wall units), so the kitchen becomes terribly hot in the summer. My skylight is unusual (at least I think so), my ceiling is flat, not angled. The cut out is a 24" x 24" square and there's about another 24" recession before the skylight starts. The skylight itself is one of those bubble lights, so the surface isn't flat. What I've currently got in place is two tension rods with a blackout shade attached to it - it helps some, but looks pretty ugly. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg and am not really sure how else to blunt the heat; I welcome ideas.

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There are solar control films that might help with the radiant heat.

Stay with the big companies like 3M and similar.

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You could look into getting an Aerolenz Skylight Insulation System. We were going to get them for my parent's skylights, but they ended up replacing their skylights.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aerolenz

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@Windowsionwashington: I thought about the film, but since it's not a flat surface, it didn't seem like a viable option. Can that work?

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I don't think Aerolenz is an option since I live in a condo, but thanks for the suggestion.

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If a professional installs it, I am sure they can wrap it on a curved surface. Most cars are curved windows and they get that stuff to lay down just fine.

What about putting the film on the flat interior?

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I put a pleated shade on my skylights that pulled open and closed with a long hook. The have a track on both sides. They were relatively cheap and are great for keeping out heat. My sister-in-law did the same on hers.

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