screen window within a door??

daisy_dewMay 24, 2010

I know i've seen these things before (but i don't remember if it was in US, or Europe or South America...) but i am looking for a door that has a smaller door with in.

Or, in other words, the smaller door, (actually a glass window/panel) opens up revealing a screen, while keeping the main part of the door closed. So, imagine a regular glass paneled door, only the a glass panel itself would have hinges and a knob, that you could open up to allow a breeze, but the main part of the door would be closed.

Does anyone else know what i am describing? And what the name is for that type of door, or where i could get one?

I currently have a regular glass panel door that over looks a terrace but would love to be able to have a door which allows me to open it up to let the breeze in --but keep the bugs out!!! And, i don't really want to install a screendoor....

Any information would be greately appreciated.

Thank you so much,


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