Window AC Install in Specific Vinyl Window Design

JHZR2May 19, 2013

Our home has identical replacement vinyl windows throughout. The previous owners put them in, and while I would have greatly preferred the original wood windows with storms, this is what we have...

They all look like the first picture included in this thread (sorry, dont know why the forum software turns it sideways).

So they were, IMO not a good design to place in the structure of the old wood windows - there is a good inch on each side, including the bottom, from where the original window structure was. (question contined on next post).

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So the problem is that a window AC cant sit on the wood sill and drop lower (because the inside sill is actually higher than the exterior portion), because the window goes so high up that the fake vinyl sill is what the AC must sit on. It is raised like this:

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Of course window ACs have a ~1/2" channel underneath of the case that it sits upon in the front, and then an L-shaped piece of metal that the top of the AC uses to rest against the lower window lower edge to be supported top and bottom.

So the issue is that the install is like the picture below. The weight is all in the channel at the front, really just one place.

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But my window looks like the following picture, with the exterior lip as well. Of course the window is so high, that it wont sit like in the picture, and if I stack it higher at the outboard spot, the tilt will be wrong. The interior sill is old chestnut and likely not good for supporting a lot of weight...

And on top it is jut a vinyl window that I cant drill into (its a second story install and opening the window is not a not a big deal, so Im not as concerned about the upper security, as I can cut a piece of wood to fit that.

But how do I best deal with the mass of the AC on the lower frame of the vinyl window, so it is secured as to not damage the window frame, and ensure that the AC is suitably installed?

Thanks very much for your insight and advice!!!

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