Can you make a lamp cordless?

hokie98January 18, 2009

I've searched the internet high and low and am surprised I haven't come up with more on this subject.

To make a long story short, I'm looking to make some of my existing (or even new) table lamps cordless. I found this site that explains how to do it...for you savvy with elec stuff, does this make sense? Do you know of another way?

Here is a link that might be useful: Instructions for building a cordless lamp

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Ron Natalie

The link you posted sticks a very low power LED bulb in and runs it off a battery. You're not likely to be satisfied with that feeble glow in what you're envisioning.

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It's a cute idea but will be no brighter than one of the worst solar-powered outdoor lights. I like gadgets as much or more than the next guy but this is strictly a novelty, it won't produce useful light. If you want backup lighting there are battery backup night lights etc that would be better.

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Here's my problem...due to the layout of my home, all of my family room furniture is pulled off of the wall (it's a very open floor plan, and the traffic flows around the perimeter of the room). There is an outlet in the floor, but it's in the dead center of the room, which is rather useless when it's covered up by a large, 8x10, area rug (I need the rug b/c of the hardwood floors). I have a couple of end tables, and would love to have at least one lamp out for reading at night. I realize running cords under the rug to the outlet poses a fire hazard. My only other option would be to run the cord to the wall, and cover it with one of those floor cord covers, but that won't be very attractive (plus I have a 3 yr old and 2 large dogs, so the cord & cover may ended up way more trouble than it's worth with them). I've also posted this on the decorating forum, and have read about others in a similar situation. I just can't believe there aren't more options. If "brilliant" home builders keep putting outlets in the dead center of the rooms, then you'd think someone would come up with a solution. I wish it was set about 3' further back, or two outlets about 5' on each side of the center. Oh well, guess I'm going lamp-less...

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A google search brings up several solutions, here is the first one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cordless reading lamps

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That looks more like it! I suppose another possible source would be suppliers of lighting for travel trailers etc, if you had a secure out of sight spot, you could even hook up a 12 gel battery (like you get in big flashlights and alarm systems etc) but you want it to be secure from kids and dogs.

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Thanks Wayne440 for the tip. I've seen that lamp online too, but I was hoping to find a more traditional table/accent lamp with a shade that would not only double as a reading light, but would add some decoration. But the link you sent is about the only cordless lamp I've found that would be powerful enough for reading, besides emergency/camping type lanterns. The whole 12 gel battery idea seems a bit cumbersome, so I guess I'm just out of luck! Thanks anyway for your help/suggestions.

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Why don't you pay an electrician to run new outlets to where you want them in the floor? That would be the best long term solution.

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i agreew with live wire oak. Can you get under the floor? Just run outlets off that center one

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The house is build on a concrete slab, so there is no basement, crawl space, etc. Someone else suggested that it could still be done by popping up some of the hardwood floor. To be candid, I can live without a lamp before doing anything that evasive. We don't plan on being in this house more than a couple of years, so to go through the hassle/expense of that probably isn't worth it. Thanks again.

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is something hanging down from the ceiling out of the question?

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Cut The Carpet ?

At the receptacle location....cut the carpet/rug and expose the your lamp cords to the location ....Park the couch over the cords

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I was researching the same idea,but not really needing it from center of room,just didn't have an extension cord. I found a cordless(wireless) extension. Problem is I don't remember where. It has a plug in "unit" to wall socket and another piece at lamp.Lamp would plug into this piece.It emits power in microwaves?.probably wouldn't go through walls? Not sure.I believe I searched wireless power cords?I found it!
good luck!

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You are simply not going to tr5ansfer adequate power using microwaves for much more than an LED or two.

The efficiency of generating RF power is pitiful (if you can hit 25% you are doing very well) and then you need to convert it back into usable power at the receiver.

High strength RF fields are one of the few things that can actually be dangerous.

If you manage to get cataracts you will no longer need to worry about light for reading.

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I think Bill was kidding about the "microwave" extension cord... or at least I hope so.


Here is a link that might be useful: Toward more efficient wireless power delivery

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Yep, you could put your hot dogs out on the tray and cook them on the coffee table...

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"Here is a link that might be useful: Toward more efficient wireless power delivery"

The existing technology uses magnetic field coupling.

You place devices equipped with a pick up coil on a mat with a field.

The distances are essentially zero, or at beast small fractions of an inch.

You can get slightly farther if you only need VERY small amounts of power.

This is how the toll road transponders operate.
The field is very directional (notice you must drive under the antenna, and it only picks up from the lane directly underneath and barely enough power can be collected to allow a short transmission of a serial number to the collection equipment's radio receiver.

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The link was a April Fools joke - just click on the "Buy Now"...

The MIT link is legit. While there are companies developing and now selling charging mats, Intel has been working on and has demonstrated a much more robust system. They used resonate coupling to transmit enough power to light a 60 watt light bulb over two feet away at 75% efficiency of input power. Their latest published system specs use a 7 MHz frequency and can transmit power at 80% up to about 6 feet.

Toll transponders can be either active with an internal battery for up to 300' transmission or passive with a much decreased but respectable range, and rely upon RF excitation from the reader for resonate transmission.

I'm not sure if I'd want want to be in a room with RF power distribution, since I know don't know of many other people with a background in broadcast engineering that actually even condone keeping a cell phone in your pocket all day, but the concept does seem to have much more potential than previously thought.

Maybe Tesla was right....

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