gcpommomAugust 31, 2008

I have been working on this little table for practice before doing DD bar table (she's still working on a design for that). I wanted some practice using thinset before doing her table. It has gone ok, but the thinset is messy to work with. Since the plate pieces vary in height, I am learning how to use thinset to keep the pieces level with each other. The peach pieces aren't adhered yet, I'll be doing that tomorrow.

I got a lot of practice on the wet saw with this one; I had one lime green plate, and decided to paint the table the same color (haven't put on the clearcoat yet). It's rather bright, isn't it? Well, hopefully, it will all come together in the end.


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Your're doing a good job. I have not as yet took the plunge to use dishes and try a piece of furniture.

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It's cute! And it's a happy bright! Great idea to practice first, but it looks like you already know what your doing..great job!

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I love it! I've been doing mosaics for a few years now and still haven't used thinset or a wet saw!!! Did you cut those nice circles with a wet saw?! I thought wet saws just cut in straight lines.

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Very bright and happy little table! The color combination is the freshest citrus around. Thinset is marvelous for leveling, isn't it?


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You have done a great job cutting your tess from the plates. And such beautiful and bright plates they are. Lime green is on of my favorite colors so of course I don't think it is too bright...You are doing a really nice job on this. I am sure Gypsy is drooling too as this would go with her Little Piece of Heaven Studio...Keep up the good work.

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Thanks everyone!
Squirrelly: yes, I used the wet saw to cut the circles. Once I get a 'sort-of' circle cut around the center, I hold it to the blade, and turn the piece by hand. Then I grind it on the side of the blade. At first I was nervous because your hand is fairly close to the blade, but I am used to that now. Just have to be careful and go slow.

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WOW, I love that color combination, and those tiles are to die for!! Beautiful work, your daughter is going to LOVE this table.

Keep those pix coming

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Good job! Love lime green too! What's this about Gypsy's craft room??? Was there pics???

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That is turning out great!

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What a fun piece. I just love bright colors. You are doing a great job.

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Great idea to try the thinset first before starting on your DDs project, and now you have a great piece for you too! I am really interested in seeing the round pieces that you cut with the wetsaw since I just got one. Thanks for sharing that you use the edge of the blade to even out the edges. They look perfectly done! I'll try that. Fun project! I love the lime green!

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Great little table!! Very tropical! Love the lime green.You're going to have your own shop 1 of these days!!Jan

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Beautiful job with plates!
It's been a long time since I played with them....
Love to see this! I have bunches of bins full of pieces,
Can't wait to get back to them now! Thanks for
the inspiration! BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!

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Thanks so much for all the nice comments.

I finished the bottom shelf this weekend, and am letting everything set up before I grout. I assume you need to let it dry a couple of days, as I had to lay the thinset on rather thick in some places.

Not sure which grout color I'll use yet; I've not worked with these bright colors before, so I am still not sure what grout color to go with.

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Ok, camera is charged, so here is a pic of the finished table, pre-grout. I used a circle of yellow around the centerpiece on the bottom shelf, it's hard to see. I decided not to do the edge of bottom shelf, and will be painting it green. It was harder doing the bottom shelf, dealing with the legs being in the way, tighter spaces to fill in; I am not thrilled with that shelf, but it's done, so on to grouting.

Now I just need to decide on grout color. Need to go to that webpage where you can play with the colors, will do that after work tonight.

This was what bothered me with this table: I had cut and laid all the pieces on the bottom shelf, everything fit great. Took them off, in order so I wouldn't forget where everything went, and starting putting them back using thinset. Then half the pieces wouldn't fit where they did before. I had to recut a bunch as I went along, was panicking, and felt that the new layout just didn't work as well as I had planned it originally. Oh well, I'm still learning.


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YOU L'IL HEIFER!!!!!!!!!!!

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OOH, that is so cool and refreshing, I LOVE the color combination of lime green blue and orange. COOL COOL COOL!! Have no idea on grout color, but I just love this piece

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Turned out great! Not sure about grout color, but I am going to suggest the usually unpopular white....just to keep it all crisp and clean looking.

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Cindi, that's what my husband says, but I am unsure about the white. Of course, it would be easy enough to change if I hated it, can always make it darker. Hmmm....

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Love the color combo! This lil table is so uplifting!
Still learning here as well, but I think you will be pleased with white grout too.
Thanks for sharing your experience about the process, good to know.

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