Installation charges? Bracing myself...

dgmarieMay 11, 2010

We had ProBuild out to quote materials ONLY (Anderson 400 sries casement) for our home. 34 openings (single, double and triple plus two sets of triple french doors, and a back and service door) came in at $30K (includes tax).

We are having someone else quote the installation and new trim (the GC is actually getting the quote).

Have NO idea what to expect. Any experience to tell me whether the install could possible cost as much as the windows themselves? I'm feeling ill already!

PS: Marvin is quoting too so am wondering if I should expect the cost to be significantly more. I asked for Ultimate Casements with the new retractable screens.

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I should add we are replacing the existing windows in a brick veneer home. So I need the old windows ripped out and full frames installed.

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Installation is tough to say on new construction units without a site survey. Marvin Ultimate Casements will be definitely be more than the Andersen 400 Casements how much i am not sure of these days(haven't sold Andersen in years)

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new construction could be $400 per window;it depends on the complexity. obviously a bay or bow window would be much more.

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We got the installation quote. It was $17K and change to remove, replace, recaulk and haul away the old windows.

We also got a quote from another vendor for the same job. They wanted $30K more for the entire project. They are a big company and very impressive but the cost difference is very large. Our low quote is from a GC/builder who will order the windows and have his trim carpenter subs install them.

We have a third bidder tomorrow.

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The marvin quote was only $4k more than the Anderson. FYI

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For a difference of $4K more, i would not even think twice and jump on the Marvin personally as that sounds like a very good price as long as apples to apples. Just a much better window in my opinion.

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