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glenmbJanuary 11, 2010

Hi all,

Dumb question but want to make sure -- Installing a light switch and ceiling light as part of a bath remodel. when it comes time for the rough inspection what are the connections in the switch box - power will be coming to the switch then going to the light with 14/2 NM. I know the whites will be tied to each other and grounds tied to each other - are the blacks seperated and capped for the eventual hook-up to the switch or are they tied together as well - just do not want to waste the time and fail the inspection for a brain freeze

Thx very mcuh - glenn

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Ron Natalie

That's something that's highly determined by local custom. Around here they don't want *ANY* connections made. There should not power present so "capping" off is silly.

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For us they just wanted to see 6" of cable sticking out of the box. No connections, no stripping of wire and certainly no switches or outlets.

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Ron Natalie

Yep, here it's like hedricus least 6" wire hanging out and if you're using metal boxes they want to see the ground tail coming off the box. What they're looking for is the wire being secured, proper bushings on metal studs or plates on bored holes where that is requierd, etc...

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