Best windows for historic look?

redheadeddaughterMay 6, 2013

We are building a new "old" farmhouse and just started planning for windows. Apart from very expensive wood windows (which I know are the best option probably?), are there any affordable options that can reproduce that historic appearance? I've seen the Anderson architect series for farmhouses, but I'm wondering if there is a good vinyl window with nice cottagey looking dividers that don't look "new" .... all without breaking the bank. We are in Northern California if that makes any difference. So appreciate any advice from forum members...

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There are some better looking vinyl equivalents out there now but you are going to be hard pressed to get a really historic looking vinyl window.

You can get SDLs and that will help bridge the gap slightly but you might be better suited to stay with fiberglass or wood.

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hello there, if you want a more affordable solution to giving a âÂÂhistoric lookâ to your windows, you can try adding Window Frosting on them. There are frosting films available in different colors and designs��"there are even those that duplicate the appearance of stained glass!

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There you go again with the "window frosting", this time to give a historic look and "there are even those that duplicate the appearance of stained glass!". Anyway you look at it the above poster is obviously:

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What area of Northern California? It's hard to find many vinyl companies that use a proper SDL that could look historic. Integrity fiberglass windows might be an answer.

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Hi Fenestration, I just noticed your question and it has been weeks... we are in the southern portion of Silicon Valley. I'll look into the Integrity product... thank you!

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