katkerriAugust 6, 2008

my best bro sent me a digital camera!!! i'm just learning how to use it so these pix are a little test:

i mosaiced an old wooden planter from my frontporch..

the small white tiles&rosey-colored tiles were salvaged from a throw-out pile behind a local tile company. i've had a mason jar full of those clear glass globlets for several years not knowing why or what to do with them.

(now i'm starting to understand why i've been saving some of these things!) :^)

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And isn't it FUN? Thanks for posting!

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WAY TO GO, GIRLIE. Looky at THAT. If that's your first mosaic, look out forum. We're in for some great stuff from you, girl. You did a great job on the frame, and photo TOO. That's just darlin'.

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WOW! This is just soooo cute! I really like the color and the use of the clear globs!

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WOW Kat, I love your first mosaic. Those flowers are fantastic, you keep those pix coming as you work your way to true mosaic addiction!! you go girl Great job and choice of colors, I really like this one.

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oh this is too cute! this is going to be great on your front porch where everyone will see it. well done!

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Great work!
I wish I had pics or my first pieces with tile.....
maybe not..LOL! put me to shame!

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That is fantastic. You did a great job. I can't wait to see more of your work.

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Beautiful job. Doesn't it feel great when you can recycle materials and make something that pretty?

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thankyou kind ladies.
yall inspire me.
yes this is great fun and i'm so
pleased about recycling, too.
if i keep on mosaicing, i may
actually get my house organized
someday by using up all the xtra debris
on potential mosaic projects.
today i'm smashing plates and nipping tiles.

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Hang on, kat....DON'T get too carried away.....we mosaicers are NOT supposed to have organized homes or have no piles of "stuff" we have collected because we "know" we'll need/use it someday!!! LOL! P-u-lease don't let my DH get that idea!

Seriously, tho..your planter is really pretty and would look wonderful nearly anywhere! That's a really great job of placement, as well as a great grout job!

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